Paul Henry Resigns By Tori

Did you hear about Paul Henry....well if you didn’t you obviously live under a rock. Paul Henry was forced to resign after he made two racial comments. The first was about a mispronunciation of a Delhi Chief Minister who’s name was Shelia Dikshit which is pronounced “Dixit”. The next comment was about Sir Anand Satyanand not being a New Zealander. The comment that was made was “Next time can we have a Governor-General who looks and sounds more like a New Zealand”? Anand Satyanand was born in New Zealand and besides having Indian relatives/blood he is a kiwi. Personally in my opinion he should just be left alone and he should be able to continue his job, I mean he just says the things we all think but don’t have the guts to say. When he apologized I think it sounded like he was reading something he had previously written that made him sound sorry but he didn’t really mean his apology. I have no problem with Paul Henry staying on Breakfast, then again I don’t watch it but I know so many people like him and really I don’t see the point in wat having him not on TV will do so WHATEVER! I know many of you will have different opinions about this so leave a comment about what you think.

Fran's News

    • The past 5 days have been bad for Fran. She was away cause she had a really bad throat infection and she had to take antibitotics that taste like bubble mixture. Fran's sister Sophie was sick and she did NOT like staying home with her. Fran is still not 100% better but she is at school because she's not as bad as she was. By Tori

    How to measure a Joey

    My group measured Joey's senses: Smell, Touch, Sight and Sound. For the smell test we held vanilla to his nose and stepped back as far as we could before he couldn't smell. For the touch test we blindfolded Joey and made him identify 5 plastic bugs. For the sight test we held up numbers on our fingers and made him identify them without his glasses on. For the sound test we whispered things for Joey and asked him how far back we could go before he couldn't here us!

    Have a look of our voicethread

    By Tori

    One or two year’s ago there was a gray stray cat in the garden and we named it kitty-cat then it ran away and came back on and off for two weeks then we wondered why it was getting so fat then my parent’s realised it was pregnant so they shooed it away and it didn’t come back!

    By Emily

    Five minuties ago Partick poked David in the eye. Jonah thought it was his falt becasue he picked Patrick for a question.

    Bye Maia

    Fran has had lego for about two years now. She made a house with little things inside.Outside it had... A basketball backboard, trees, bushes, furniture. It took Fran about three hours over two weeks.

    Tori’s News-Yesterday Tori made vanilla perfume and I asked Tori if I could put some on and she said yes so I stuck my finger in it and it spilled all aver the floor then tori put it on me and it turned all sticky. By Fran

    Emily and Maia- On Saturday Emily and Maia’s Netball team played in the finals at Te Pai Courts. They were versing a really hard team and their team lost by 10 points. The Centre was really good because she kept intercepting the ball. Emily and Maia went to prize giving straight after and they got medals even thought the didn’t win, they still came second from the best grade which is A. Good job thanks for making Summerland proud. By Tori

    Jonah's news- On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Jonah did an awesome picture it stands out a lot because it has a black back ground and hot colours. He did it for homework. By Fran

    Joeys News

    One or two year’s ago there was a gray stray cat in the garden and we named it kitty-cat then it ran away and came back on and off for two weeks then we wondered why it was getting so fat then my parent’s realised it was pregnant so they shooed it away and it didn’t come back!

    By Emily

    David's News 30-8-10

    Five minuties ago Partick poked David in the eye. Jonah thought it was his falt becasue he picked Patrick for a question.

    Bye Maia

    Fran's News 30-8-10

    Fran has had lego for about two years now. She made a house with little things inside.Outside it had... A basketball backboard, trees, bushes, furniture. It took Fran about three hours over two weeks.

    Written By Maia

    Tori’s News

    Tori’s News-Yesterday Tori made vanilla perfume and I asked Tori if I could put some on and she said yes so I stuck my finger in it and it spilled all aver the floor then tori put it on me and it turned all sticky. By Fran

    Emily and Maia's News

    Emily and Maia- On Saturday Emily and Maia’s Netball team played in the finals at Te Pai Courts. They were versing a really hard team and their team lost by 10 points. The Centre was really good because she kept intercepting the ball. Emily and Maia went to prize giving straight after and they got medals even thought the didn’t win, they still came second from the best grade which is A. Good job thanks for making Summerland proud. By Tori

    Tori's Narrative

    1: Jack walked to the back of the bus and slumped down in his seat. “25...26...27..Perfect” His teacher counted the amount of kids on the bus, she was a worry wart. The bus started and everyone jolted forward. Jack was excited, his class was going to a science lab. Jack loved science, he loved the thought of blowing off his eyebrows or discovering some form of bacteria nobody knew about. He had been waiting for this trip forever! He was so excited he couldn’t get to sleep for weeks! The ride took forever and Jack was only entertained by one thing...Emma Morrison. She was the prettiest girl in their class, her blonde hair, blue eyes, soft skin and gorgeous personality were few of the many great things about her. Just looking at her made Jack go wobbly. No one knew Jack liked her because he had no friends. Jack had day dreams about Emma and always tried to impress her or get her attention by back chatting to the teacher or making funny comments about other people. He liked how she always flipped her hair when she walked. The only thing was she didn’t like him back.

    2: “Hello Students, my name is Mr. Martin, I will be your guide today”. Jack was so excited this was his dream place. “Thank whoever invented science” he said to himself. Emma was so bored all this smarty pants knowledgy stuff made her disgusted. Jack was lost in his deep thoughts of becoming a famous scientist. But before he knew it he was more than lost in thought...he was lost in the science lab. Jack looked around the room, he wasn’t alone he saw Emma. But only Emma. “Hey Emma” Jack asked “Where’s our class?” “I don’t know where the are.” Emma replied. “Should we go look for them?” she continued. “I guess we could” said Jack...”Shall we hold hands?” he asked hopefully. Emma just flipped her hair and walked off.

    3: Emma and Jack walked for about two minutes. “My legs hurt” moaned Emma. “We’ve been walking forever!” Jack rolled his eyes. “So Emma....” Jack started to say “Where are you going?” asked a deep voice. “After this place the mall” said Emma. “You’re coming with me” said the voice. The man was a security guard, a big muscly guy with a pink badge in the shape of a poodle. He grabbed hold of Emma and Jack and led them towards a jail cell looking room. Jack walked in and sat down quietly while Emma struggled to hold on to the bars while the guard pulled her into the cell.

    4. Time went by...Emma called for help numerous times while Jack tried to dig his way out with a yoghurt spoon. Meanwhile Jack’s class was having a blast! Everyone was playing with gloopy green liquids and studying chemical reactions. “Jack this is all your fault” Emma yelled. “Wha... MY fault?” Jack asked. “Yes... if you weren’t so cute I wouldn’t of been distracted!” Emma put her hands over her mouth like she shouldn’t of said that. Jack smiled to himself. “What did you say?” he asked. “Uh....I said if you didn’t smell like puke I wouldn’t have been distracted....yeah that’s what I said” Emma replied.

    5: Emma just looked away...embarrassed. Jack was so happy...Emma thought he was cute! Jack felt so happy it was unexplainable! The happiness continued when Jack saw a way out of the cell. There was a vent shaft in the roof and a foot stool which Emma was using to paint her toenails. “Hey Emma...I think there’s a way out of here” he said. Emma looked surprised. “You climb on my shoulders then you climb up through the vent and pull me up.” “Ok” Emma said. When Jack and Emma got into the vent they crawled through for about five minutes before they were just above their class. Jack tried to turn around to tell Emma but his foot got stuck in between two bars in the ground.

    6: “Aaaaaaah!” said Jack as his foot fell. Emma rushed over...”Jack are you ok?” Emma asked. “I...I think so” Emma looked scared. “Grab my hand Jack” she said holding out her arm as far as she could stretch it. Jack held her felt like heaven. Emma pulled her arm back but Jack didn’t budge. She tried again....nothing. “Jack I just want you to know that if you die here I always had a crush on you...ever since kindergarten” she told him. “Me too....I mean you though” he said. Emma finally pulled him out of the bars. Emma hugged him...Jack was frozen, was this really happening? Emma and Jack climbed out of the vent and joined their class in a line hopping onto the bus. Emma sat next to Jack on the bus. “Emma” Jack asked.. “Will you be my friend?” “Of course I will” Emma replied.

    The Bake Sale

    On Thursday we continued the bake sale. We thought that we did so well on Wednesday we thought we could do it again. But this time there was different things to eat. There was Chocolate Crunch, Muffin Surprise ( the surprise was there was caramel in the middle), Chocolate Slice and Honey Crackle. These were all yummy things to eat, they were so yummy we sold out again!! We want to say thank you to everybody who brought something. We had loads of fun. With all of their help we made over $200 all the money is going to the Red Cross.

    Written By Maia

    Room 9's Bake Sale

    On Wednesday the 25th of August me and my friends had a bake sale outside Room 9. Fran, Lily, Emily, Maia and I organized, planned and held the bake sale. There were Cookies, Mallow Pops, Chocolate Crackle, Doughnuts, Peppermint Slice,Chocolate Crunch, Colourful Crackle, Brownie, Jam Biscuits and Afghans. We sold out in 15 minutes and earned over $200. The money that we raised with be going to the Red Cross to help the flood in Pakistan. We loved every second of it and we were glad we could help such a good cause. If you are thinking of doing a Bake Sale we highly recommend it because it's so much fun, you make lots of money and so many people enjoy the food. So give it a go! By Tori

    RADICAL Ultimate Learning Environments

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    RADICAL Crayon and Dye Art

    Check out our new crayon and dye art using Kiwi icons!
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    Joeys News

    On sunday morning at seven joey woke up to let his dog Sarah out too pooh on the lawn then she barked when she saw a cat on the fence. Joey tried to shoo it away but it would NOT move. Then he saw a spoon on the ground and tried to hit the cat but missed and got the neighbour’s roof. It made a strange noise and made the cat go away but it also made his dog run away too, so Joey ran inside behind Sarah

    By Emily

    Fran's news

    Fran’s news- On Saturday Fran missed netball because of her sprained finger. She was bored so her mum got a candle and lit Jovis and crayons. Once they were burnt they put it on paper and the Jovis made a liquid sort of like paint and the crayons made drops of wax. By Tori

    Kyla's Book Review Half Men Of O

    My Book Review

    How would you feel if you entered another world because a funny talking man made you enter it. Then in that world a different man is trying kill you because of your birthmark on your wrist. Well that's what happened to one girl called Susan with help from her cousin Nicholas in this story. Susan has a mark on her wrist. It had two parts. Each one was shaped like a tear drop curved like a moon. One was bright red and the other golden brown. I like this story because it's one of those books you can't stop reading and it is packed full of adventure . When you read it feels like your mind enters a different world. I think this is a book for 10 years old and older because it might be hard to understand.

    Room 9 Describes The Hail Storm

    Hail storm

    Looks like: Frozen white meteors, raining beads, people are having party in the sky and ice is falling down, the sky is breaking apart, mini versions of ice, Someone is shooting at you from the sky (Mua), someone is throwing crushed ice on you (Patrick), heave raining golf balls (Josiah), crazy people running (Patrick), Tiger Woods just missed his hole (Josiah), Tiger Woods throwing golf balls from the sky (Patrick), someone turned on the fire hydrant and the water went so high it turned into ice (Colton), tiny clean comets (Callum), a zip, students all running and merging at the same place to get outside (Tori), lots of water trying to get out through a small hole (Callum), war with people dodging bullets (Fran), an angry mob (Joey), soaked children, wet, everybody got splashed with water (Louise), mini white ufo coming to Earth (Patrick), the clouds are trying to make a milkshake that went wrong (Aaron), dodge balls of ice when the little bits of ice are squashed together (Louise)

    Feels like: an injection, cold, a bee sting, like pebbles are falling from the sky, you are having a shower, hard cold rain drops (Fran), a waterfall falling on you (Emily), a pinch (Louise), soft paintballs (Nathan), rock candy when you bite into it (Fran)

    Tastes like: Ice, disgusting (Patrick), an easy gumball to chew (Ruan)

    Sounds like: someone is dropping marbles on the floor (Callum), A shower (Daniel), people clapping (David), glass shattering (Emily), Stampede (Ruan), jumping off something into water (Colton), fast tapping on a drum (Fran), children screaming (Joey), Let it hail! (Callum), people running outside (Karl), hundreds of footsteps (Emily), smashing things (Daniel), screams of excitement (Louise), an earthquake (Mua), people shaking maroccas (Emily), The crowd going wild when a try is scored (Josiah), short words of excitement (Callum)

    Joeys News - This morning joey’s sister and dog were watching blues clues then his brother came along and smacked the dog out the way and sat there then they were just sitting there the dog came back and his brother pushed him away with out moving his eyes off the TV

    By Emily

    Ravens News - yesterday Raven went rock-climbing with Bailey and Crystal some of the walls were really high and some when diagonal, people holed you up to help you, there is also a kids room

    By Emily

    Home Grown

    Home Grown

    This term, room nine are learning about Home Grown. We have done lots of diffferent types of activtives for this topic. We did theses activtives with our whole pod.We some different activtives on the first day of term three. We did things like colouring and dying New Zealand icons, we also made chocolate crackes, lerent to play Rakau sticks and last of all we played relays and did three legged races.

    In art time we had to choose a New Zealand icon the best represents us and what we do.

    These are the steps that we did to make our great arkwork.

    - First we had to pick an icon.

    - Then we needed to draw the picture that we choose in to our art books. We had to make sure that it was big enough to fit a fat crayon into all the gasps.

    - After that we lightly sketched the copy on a white A4 piece of paper.

    - We went over the pencil with chalk making sure that they we not thin lines.

    - When we had done that we coloured the picture with crayon and we couldn't have any white becuase it would turn BLACK!

    - After we had coloured it in we needed to dye. (not literally.) (Just the painting.)

    - Now there up on our wall. YAY!

    Written Bye Maia

    David's Half Men Of O Review

    Imagine there's a hidden world in your backyard. Now imagine someone in that world wants you dead.Now imagine a pirate took you to that world.This has become a reality for Susan Ferris and Nick Quin.The Half-Men Of O is Narnia meets Alice In Wonderland.The book is Good for boys and girls 10+(long words).Even though I do think the book could do with less drama and more action (I'm a boy) it still made me want to turn the page. The author gave me a clear picture of what was happening in every sentence but I did have to use my imagination for some of the characters eg. Jimmy Jaspers. Overall I give the Half-Men Of O a 4.5/5.

    Fran's Halfmen of O book review

    My reading group Thwack read The Halfmen of O and this is my review on it

    Tori's Book Review

    My reading group Thwack read a book called The Halfmen Of O here is my book review:

    Emily's Book Review:The Half Men of O

    Emily's Book Review

    The Half Men of O

    The half men of O is a great book about Susan and Nick going on an adventure though O. Susan's birth mark could save O or could it, and what is a blood cat, what are bird folk and who is odo cling?

    It's a tale of how someone like shy Susan overcomes her fears and is stronger than anyone else, but she is just a mixie. Can she save O? Yes, no, MABYE the main thing is if she can it's NOT without the help of all her new friends and cousin Nick.

    In my opinion it is one of the best book I have read mainly because it is full fantasies and bad guys so if you like badess and fantasies mooched together you need to read it NOW! ! !

    By : Emily

    Raven's half men of O review

    This is my review of the half men of O

    This story is about a girl named Susan and a boy named Nick and they go on an adventure to save the land of O on the way they meet Jimmy Jaspers, Breeze, Brand and the evil Odo Cling. During there adveture there was lot of high tension points like the blood cat.

    Great for reader who like fantasy and something a bit weird for me I think I would rate it a 4.5/5 but thats just my opinion.

    Fran learning how to post on the blog

    typey typey type type I AM LEARNING YAY!
    Aarons News: On tuesday Aaron was bored so he decided to make a challenge for the class you can win four choclates. The challenge is figure out what one+one ,two+two,three+three and all the way up to five plus five.What you have to do is change the the letters into numbers and then double it.If you complete the challenge first you win the choclate.Aaron says "it is not Easy to figure it out".

    Karl's news: Yestrerday Karl played a game with his brother they ran around the and smacked into a door and started crying.

    Josiahs news: Josiah was watching the warriors play rugby league last night on 7:30 . The first half was very interesting he cryed when they scored a try. Melbourne storm did a huge tackle on the warriors, so Melbourne Storm got a penalty.I think it would be cool to watch the tackle in slow motion.The final score was 13-6 to the warriors.

    Coltons News: On wednesday last week at 12 o'clock colton went go karting! Colton saw one guy hit the tyrs and went on it and hit a fence. He came 4th in the race. How cool will that have been?

    Noors news: In the holidays her freind came up to her and gave her a kouren one thousand dollar note! And if she goes to kourea she will spend it. The one thousand dollar note is blue,Noor thinks it was sad and I agree I mean to give away a one thousand dollar note.

    Lily and Tori's Mr. Hall Made of Beans

    Yesterday we made a picture of Mr. Hall out of our maths counting beans. It took us fifteen minutes before school to make this masterpiece. We had to use instant alpha on pages to remove the spotty carpet from the image. It took us ages to rotate the picture as well!
    By Lily and Tori

    R.A.D.I.C.A.L.S news 24.06.10

    Maia doing Patrick's news- Yesterday Patrick was on the computer and he went on a oragami site.

    Joey doing Emily's news- Yesterday Coutrny Enversone got hit by a car and it dragged her acros the road.Then stopped the aumbulance came and 2 people tried to wake her up she woke up in the hospital but then they put her to sleep again because she was scared about what happened.She went to the hospital broke her collar bone and ribs but nothing happen to her head.

    Tori doing Louise's news- This morning Louise finished drawing her orc. It looks pretty cool, she spent two days drawing it. She looked Orc's up on google and then drew it from the picture she saw. She didn't trace it.

    Emily doing Lily's News- On Thursday We got bored and we found a frisbe and we went outside and the frisbe went frisbe car splat then Maia, Lily, and Fran ran inside and started laughing hard out!

    Radical's News 23.6.10

    Tori doing Aaron's news- Yesterday Aaron made a little sword out of BBQ sticks. It looks pretty cool and very clever. Aaron is very creative and now he can add his sword to his collection of things he made.

    Maia doing Josiash's news- Josiah's parents own a sports shop. They have lots of differnent sports gear.

    Joey doing Karls news- Its 5 days until Karl's birthday and hes going to get lots of soocer gear. he also might be going on a trip to AUS. hes not having a party with his freinds but he is allowed to have his family over for a party-ih thing. Since Karl has alot of goosebump books hes not allowed to get anymore.

    Coltons doing Coltons news-On Monday last w$eek my dad thought that his truck body was geting old so he went to four shops to see if they had good condition truck decks so at the last place he found a good deck with a tail lift on the back and it was a bit rusty so his going to paint it.

    Radical's news

    Written On The 14th June 2010
    R.A.D.I.C.A.L's News

    Tori doing Fran's news- On the 22nd of June it's Fran's birthday. Her two grandma's will miss her birthday. One's going to Chile and will miss both Fran and her sister Sophie's party aswell.

    aia doing Shan's news - At morning tea, Shan went to the library and there is lots of cool books to buy.

    Colton doing Joeys news: On saterday all of the jung peple went to a baby party and joey did not go so him and his dad got reveng and stole hats from his sisters and put cake in them and his dad stared eating the and he fineshed it befor he got home. yum

    Colton doing Jonah news- Jonah made a game with a shoe box. He made tim-pin-bowing and other games.

    Lily Doing Raven's News On The 14th June 2010
    Raven got his hair cut in the weekend and he found out how to make a battery for his car that we have to make the battery actully works and it makes a small light turn on

    Radical's News

    Coltons doing Daniel's news: About 2 weeks ago daniel was waching his cat have fight with a Another cat over teratory and 1 of the cat jumped on daniels cat and you could see a mark along his eye thanks for lisning.

    Lily Doing Mr Hall's News-Mr Hall Has changed how he writes

    A t the start of a course at university he had exams and esingment he had another exam after the one where he had studied for teh wrong thing he got Got his exam marks And he got an.....A WOW we can't read his Handwriting and he finally got an A he has made an improvement - lily

    Tori doing Louise's news- Last night Louise and Kyla's sister pulled out socks. They are pretty long socks. They are blue with black stripes. Louise says she doesn't really use them for anything good, but she said she can hit people but she won't because the socks look like they'd hurt if you got hit with them.

    joey doing emryks news- On monday Emryks went to Austraila to see his auntie because she had a new baby

    Franny's News

    Coltons doing Fran: Fran's uncles came back from Thailand and got Fran three bracelets, a ring and a bag!

    Raven's News

    Cross Country

    On Wednesday 5th May Summerland Primary School competed in the Cross Country 2010.
    Everybody looked awesome in their pod T-Shirts (especially Karekare) We all tried our best to place and some of us just gave it a shot! We all encouraged each other and we even encouraged kids who weren't in our pod. We all did so good, encouraging, persisiting and keeping on going even though we weren't winning. Mr. Hall even run the course with us. If Karekare doesn't win we all know we are the true winners inside!
    By Tori

    Lily's mini recount

    One day I was extremely bored so I started watching my dog and she started chasing her tail I thought that would be fun so I tried.
    So there I was standing like an idiot (with my legs bent and my arms out) So I slowly started spinning then got faster and faster every time. Then this flying red  fuzzball
    came from nowhere and before I knew it I was lying on the floor with a bump on my head. 
    Ouch! Tears were rolling down my cheeks. It turns out my head hit the table leg and the ball wasn’t a tennis ball It was Jack’s cricket ball.

    Nathan's mini recount

    I was chasing my dog around the house with her toy in her moth I was close to her toy. She was accelerating  faster and faster then, I got away from her toy she got puffed so she done speed then I got her toy from her.   from nathan

    Maia's mini recount

    It was  very hot summer’s day and I was waiting for my mum to pay for the ice cream.
    I was holding my ice cream I looked so yummy I needed to eat it right now I said to myself.
    My first lick I was slowly licking my ice cream slower and slower I was licking my ice cream.
    After I had counted to 20 it was gone.
    Ahhh... that was very yummy, it felt like heaven.
    From Maia

    Maia's Made Up Story

    One day Joe woke up, he fell off his bed and bumped his head on the floor.
    After he had bumped his head on the floor his mum came in and she said
    "Get out of bed you lazy bones" She said this because it was dinner time.

    Made up by Maia.

    R.A.D.I.C.A.L'S Radical News

    Lily’s news.

    In the holidays Lily is going up north. She is taking

    Fran on Good Friday. Her brother,

    her mum, dad and her dog daisy are going with her too.

    Josiah’s News.

    In the weekend the warriors played the

    broncos and the warriors won! Josiah

    was very excited.

    Maia’s News.

    On Tuesday when Maia was walking to school

    she tripped over and rolled my ankle and she

    really hurt herself and it still hurts a week after!

    Tori’s News

    When Tori was running Cross Country

    there was a piece of wood sticking out of

    the ground and she tripped over the piece of

    wood and she sprained her ankle and her leg now she

    needs it wrapped.

    R.A.D.I.C.A.L'S Radical News

    Nathan helped his brother do his homework. What he had to do was he had to build a bridge. Nathan felt like making one too it’s made of polystyrene. But it isn’t real!

    On easter Emryk is going out to dinner and he’s going to Rainbows End. The first thing he’s gonna do when he gets there is go on the Fear Fall. The Fear Fall doesn’t scare him, it’s his favourite ride!

    On Tuesday Mua and her cousins went to the beach. There was lots of mud so much mud that she got stuck in the mud so Mua threw mud at her. Mua had a great time!

    Lily's News

    Lily is a girl guide. She brought in her collection of badges for her guides accomplishments . Lily got a badge for inviting Maia to Girl Guides. Lily’s favourite badge is a shiny circle badge that she received for enrolling.m Good on you Lily!

    Callum, Emryk and Nathan are making a movie. It’s about them losing a bunny. They then had to go on an adventure to find a bunny with Nathan as the sound effects guy.

    Raven's news

    Raven’s parents went for a walk and saw some kids tagging on a skate ramp so Raven’s called the police. The tagging guy ran away but his friends turned him in and then tried to pretend that the tagging guy wasn’t who he was. Weird!

    Emily's News

    Emily sprained her arm. She was walking to school and she turned around. She couldn’t see where she was going so she grazed both of her knees, her elbow and her hip but worst of all she sprained her arm. Poor Emily! frown.tif

    Mua's super learning focus!

    Take a look at how Mua is using her time in the morning! After making her very own laminated number cards, she's using the time before school starts to practice her basic facts!
    Brilliant stuff Mua. Keep it up!

    ( She's also taking the cards home to practice on the holidays.. Can't wait to see what she's learned by the time Term 2 starts! )

    Colton's Recount

    One day at Parikai I was coming down the slide. I got out and ran the way back to go again but some  fool left there mat on the concrete and I slipped on it. I did see the guy that put it there. I wanted to run after him. I had grazed my knee and my elbow. I felt angry. I felt like leaving my mat out so he could trip on it. 

    Shan's mini recount

    It was a hot sunny day when I heard that we were going to have a spider. Just as I heard the word spider I burst into happiness. I was just about to get the big glass until my cousin got it. I felt angry because she always gets what she wants. On the other hand I didn’t mind.
    When I had my last spoon full, I fell into sadness.

    Raven's mini recount

    Me my brother and my neighbor where cutting down bamboo for our hut.
    then I heard it. What is that? The cracking of bamboo. Did he just "ahhhhhhh."
    I looked up and saw the bamboo coming at me. My heart slowed as I dived
    out the way. Am I ok.

    Conan's mini recount

    My friend Liam and I got down from our treehouse then bam! A nail went through Liam's foot. I thought it was hilarious. Liam said “dammit” but then the next step Liam took another nail went through the same hole in his foot. I thought it was histerical. Liam was so angry he picked up the hammer and the nail and bashed the nail into a tree.

    Pranav's mini recount

    I was at West Wave with my cousin. There I was in the pool I turned around and out of no where a wave came up behind me I felt stupid and embrassed for not seeing the wave come up.
    I was gone from the surface I was under water I was to tired to swim “Awwwwww” I thought I was afraid I might not come out and pass out under water.
    My cousin pulled me up and pushed me to the line I was relieved that my cousin could push me out.

    David's mini recount

    On Saturday when I woke up I went strait to my parents room,there was no one there,I turned to my mum’s dresser I started walking backwards not knowing the window was open.
    I tripped over a box of clothes and flew threw the window,I felt clumsy, I flipped and grabbed on to the ledge, I was terrified, Am I “gonna die?” I thought.
    I started to pull myself up and after ten minutes I finally made it “Phew I made it” I said. Suddenly my brother walked in “What happened?” He said “Nothing much” I replied.

    Emryk's mini recount

    My dads birthday. smile.tif It was my dads birthday and I gave him my present.  He was unwrapping it. I was a bit worried that he wouldn’t like it. It  was a blade he liked it he said thanks i said your welcome  i said yay in in my mind to. But it wasn't that sharp so he sharpened it with a rock. My nan looked in the box it even had a stand, so he put it on the stand and said thanks.

    Josiah's mini recount

    I was jumping. I was warming up for my flip. but when I thought I was ready I wasn’t. I tried to do it... but I stopped in the middle of it and I stared at the ground. just as I thought my head was going to hit, I put my hands in front of me and saved my neck.

    Joey's mini recount

    Splash, splash. I was paddling aimlessly on my floaty in the wave pool at West Wave when a sudden screeching siren pierced my eardrums. “The waves!” I thought and sure enough ,tremendous walls of water smacked into me head-first, pushing me away, leaving me wide-eyed, but it didn’t last long.
    The wave chucked me straight in the direction of a wall. I desperately kicked away from the wall and headed for swimming lessons. Relieved that I was in one piece.

    Louise's mini recount

    I open a closet of glass cups feeling alright and jolly.... Crash, bang crack!
    A herd of glass cups smashed on my head.
    Pieces of glass were on my head shattering, while i’m thinking “I’m gonna die!”
    I told my mum about the accident thinking “I’m gonna get in trouble,” but she didn’t worry. 
    she said “At least i’m okay!”

    Fran's mini recount

    First day of road patrol. Wow i’m doing great. "Signs out wait please!”
    Signs in oh oh oh. My sign tipped over! I fell on the ground. "Stupid sign.. this is so embarrassing.”
    “Ahhhhh” A car's coming! Is this the end? NO! I lifted up the sign “man this is heavy” I got up and shifted it into the slot.
    Suddenly the death machine stopped. 
    Finally .. "Signs in."

    Callum's mini recount

    I’m having so much fun on my scooter that I don't see where I’m going. Suddenly my cat's tail is one meter in front of me. What do I do? What what what? Run! Run as fast as you can. I could see Jac's tail's life flash before my eyes. It was very boring. Just then Jac scampered eight times the speed of light saving his tail. Now that was cool!

    Jonah's mini recount

    Yesterday as I was going home I walked out the gate then I stopped, spun around and I looked back at it. I felt the urge to swing on the gate so I put my hand on it and swung. I was going at full speed when suddenly it jammed. Was it going to happen? Yes it was. I slammed my head in to the gate.... A few second later I woke up..I ran my hand over my head and felt a bump.

    Daniel's mini recount

    Well I was at the vet and my cat Oscar was getting stitches. All of this watery stuff came out of the skin. Then he nearly pounced and I had to grab hold of him just incase he escaped. I got some tablets and liquid for oscar and then the vet said take good of him. He's better now. 

    Ruan's mini recount

    I was driving my remote controlled car on the streets, and out of no where a car rose out of the shadows. I saw that it was going to run over my car! I ran onto the street, I knew it was a bad move but i did it and hoped that the car would stop... The car didn’t stop so I made a run for it..

    Kyla's mini recount

    When we were playing 'Who can make the best volcano', our team was in the lead...... then crash! A boy busted our volcano!.  It looked like a pile of sand. I was angry I said ‘‘that’s unfair! we didn’t do that to you!’’ Well at least we won.

    Crystal Mountain. Michelle's mini recount.

    I went to the crystal mountain with my mum, and I found little crystal. The crystal was so sparkly. 
    I saw many things like sheep, ducks...there were so so many things in there. I hugged the rabbits too! The rabbits were so pretty. The last thing, I gave some food for the horse.
    I think crystal mountain is so fun!

    Oh No! Patrick's mini recount

    OH NO! I forgot my hat!
    We are having P.E today.
    I’m a going to sitting in the shade
    all day, its going to be boring.
    I check my bag to see if my hat is there,
    I take a peek....I found it!

    Tori's mini recount

    Morning Tea. "lame! I have to eat peanut butter sandwiches again!”
    I sat down opened my lunchbox and almost jumped up!
    I had a mayonnaise, lettuce, cheese and salami bun. I was so excited I shoved it all in my mouth.
    Before I knew it my bun was gone now all I had left was apple and cashew nuts I can’t imagine what lunch will be like...BORING!



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