Lily's mini recount

One day I was extremely bored so I started watching my dog and she started chasing her tail I thought that would be fun so I tried.
So there I was standing like an idiot (with my legs bent and my arms out) So I slowly started spinning then got faster and faster every time. Then this flying red  fuzzball
came from nowhere and before I knew it I was lying on the floor with a bump on my head. 
Ouch! Tears were rolling down my cheeks. It turns out my head hit the table leg and the ball wasn’t a tennis ball It was Jack’s cricket ball.

Nathan's mini recount

I was chasing my dog around the house with her toy in her moth I was close to her toy. She was accelerating  faster and faster then, I got away from her toy she got puffed so she done speed then I got her toy from her.   from nathan

Maia's mini recount

It was  very hot summer’s day and I was waiting for my mum to pay for the ice cream.
I was holding my ice cream I looked so yummy I needed to eat it right now I said to myself.
My first lick I was slowly licking my ice cream slower and slower I was licking my ice cream.
After I had counted to 20 it was gone.
Ahhh... that was very yummy, it felt like heaven.
From Maia

Maia's Made Up Story

One day Joe woke up, he fell off his bed and bumped his head on the floor.
After he had bumped his head on the floor his mum came in and she said
"Get out of bed you lazy bones" She said this because it was dinner time.

Made up by Maia.
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