Paul Henry Resigns By Tori

Did you hear about Paul Henry....well if you didn’t you obviously live under a rock. Paul Henry was forced to resign after he made two racial comments. The first was about a mispronunciation of a Delhi Chief Minister who’s name was Shelia Dikshit which is pronounced “Dixit”. The next comment was about Sir Anand Satyanand not being a New Zealander. The comment that was made was “Next time can we have a Governor-General who looks and sounds more like a New Zealand”? Anand Satyanand was born in New Zealand and besides having Indian relatives/blood he is a kiwi. Personally in my opinion he should just be left alone and he should be able to continue his job, I mean he just says the things we all think but don’t have the guts to say. When he apologized I think it sounded like he was reading something he had previously written that made him sound sorry but he didn’t really mean his apology. I have no problem with Paul Henry staying on Breakfast, then again I don’t watch it but I know so many people like him and really I don’t see the point in wat having him not on TV will do so WHATEVER! I know many of you will have different opinions about this so leave a comment about what you think.

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