R.A.D.I.C.A.L'S Radical News

Lily’s news.

In the holidays Lily is going up north. She is taking

Fran on Good Friday. Her brother,

her mum, dad and her dog daisy are going with her too.

Josiah’s News.

In the weekend the warriors played the

broncos and the warriors won! Josiah

was very excited.

Maia’s News.

On Tuesday when Maia was walking to school

she tripped over and rolled my ankle and she

really hurt herself and it still hurts a week after!

Tori’s News

When Tori was running Cross Country

there was a piece of wood sticking out of

the ground and she tripped over the piece of

wood and she sprained her ankle and her leg now she

needs it wrapped.

R.A.D.I.C.A.L'S Radical News

Nathan helped his brother do his homework. What he had to do was he had to build a bridge. Nathan felt like making one too it’s made of polystyrene. But it isn’t real!

On easter Emryk is going out to dinner and he’s going to Rainbows End. The first thing he’s gonna do when he gets there is go on the Fear Fall. The Fear Fall doesn’t scare him, it’s his favourite ride!

On Tuesday Mua and her cousins went to the beach. There was lots of mud so much mud that she got stuck in the mud so Mua threw mud at her. Mua had a great time!

Lily's News

Lily is a girl guide. She brought in her collection of badges for her guides accomplishments . Lily got a badge for inviting Maia to Girl Guides. Lily’s favourite badge is a shiny circle badge that she received for enrolling.m Good on you Lily!

Callum, Emryk and Nathan are making a movie. It’s about them losing a bunny. They then had to go on an adventure to find a bunny with Nathan as the sound effects guy.

Raven's news

Raven’s parents went for a walk and saw some kids tagging on a skate ramp so Raven’s called the police. The tagging guy ran away but his friends turned him in and then tried to pretend that the tagging guy wasn’t who he was. Weird!

Emily's News

Emily sprained her arm. She was walking to school and she turned around. She couldn’t see where she was going so she grazed both of her knees, her elbow and her hip but worst of all she sprained her arm. Poor Emily! frown.tif

Mua's super learning focus!

Take a look at how Mua is using her time in the morning! After making her very own laminated number cards, she's using the time before school starts to practice her basic facts!
Brilliant stuff Mua. Keep it up!

( She's also taking the cards home to practice on the holidays.. Can't wait to see what she's learned by the time Term 2 starts! )

Colton's Recount

One day at Parikai I was coming down the slide. I got out and ran the way back to go again but some  fool left there mat on the concrete and I slipped on it. I did see the guy that put it there. I wanted to run after him. I had grazed my knee and my elbow. I felt angry. I felt like leaving my mat out so he could trip on it. 

Shan's mini recount

It was a hot sunny day when I heard that we were going to have a spider. Just as I heard the word spider I burst into happiness. I was just about to get the big glass until my cousin got it. I felt angry because she always gets what she wants. On the other hand I didn’t mind.
When I had my last spoon full, I fell into sadness.

Raven's mini recount

Me my brother and my neighbor where cutting down bamboo for our hut.
then I heard it. What is that? The cracking of bamboo. Did he just "ahhhhhhh."
I looked up and saw the bamboo coming at me. My heart slowed as I dived
out the way. Am I ok.

Conan's mini recount

My friend Liam and I got down from our treehouse then bam! A nail went through Liam's foot. I thought it was hilarious. Liam said “dammit” but then the next step Liam took another nail went through the same hole in his foot. I thought it was histerical. Liam was so angry he picked up the hammer and the nail and bashed the nail into a tree.

Pranav's mini recount

I was at West Wave with my cousin. There I was in the pool I turned around and out of no where a wave came up behind me I felt stupid and embrassed for not seeing the wave come up.
I was gone from the surface I was under water I was to tired to swim “Awwwwww” I thought I was afraid I might not come out and pass out under water.
My cousin pulled me up and pushed me to the line I was relieved that my cousin could push me out.

David's mini recount

On Saturday when I woke up I went strait to my parents room,there was no one there,I turned to my mum’s dresser I started walking backwards not knowing the window was open.
I tripped over a box of clothes and flew threw the window,I felt clumsy, I flipped and grabbed on to the ledge, I was terrified, Am I “gonna die?” I thought.
I started to pull myself up and after ten minutes I finally made it “Phew I made it” I said. Suddenly my brother walked in “What happened?” He said “Nothing much” I replied.

Emryk's mini recount

My dads birthday. smile.tif It was my dads birthday and I gave him my present.  He was unwrapping it. I was a bit worried that he wouldn’t like it. It  was a blade he liked it he said thanks i said your welcome  i said yay in in my mind to. But it wasn't that sharp so he sharpened it with a rock. My nan looked in the box it even had a stand, so he put it on the stand and said thanks.

Josiah's mini recount

I was jumping. I was warming up for my flip. but when I thought I was ready I wasn’t. I tried to do it... but I stopped in the middle of it and I stared at the ground. just as I thought my head was going to hit, I put my hands in front of me and saved my neck.

Joey's mini recount

Splash, splash. I was paddling aimlessly on my floaty in the wave pool at West Wave when a sudden screeching siren pierced my eardrums. “The waves!” I thought and sure enough ,tremendous walls of water smacked into me head-first, pushing me away, leaving me wide-eyed, but it didn’t last long.
The wave chucked me straight in the direction of a wall. I desperately kicked away from the wall and headed for swimming lessons. Relieved that I was in one piece.

Louise's mini recount

I open a closet of glass cups feeling alright and jolly.... Crash, bang crack!
A herd of glass cups smashed on my head.
Pieces of glass were on my head shattering, while i’m thinking “I’m gonna die!”
I told my mum about the accident thinking “I’m gonna get in trouble,” but she didn’t worry. 
she said “At least i’m okay!”

Fran's mini recount

First day of road patrol. Wow i’m doing great. "Signs out wait please!”
Signs in oh oh oh. My sign tipped over! I fell on the ground. "Stupid sign.. this is so embarrassing.”
“Ahhhhh” A car's coming! Is this the end? NO! I lifted up the sign “man this is heavy” I got up and shifted it into the slot.
Suddenly the death machine stopped. 
Finally .. "Signs in."

Callum's mini recount

I’m having so much fun on my scooter that I don't see where I’m going. Suddenly my cat's tail is one meter in front of me. What do I do? What what what? Run! Run as fast as you can. I could see Jac's tail's life flash before my eyes. It was very boring. Just then Jac scampered eight times the speed of light saving his tail. Now that was cool!

Jonah's mini recount

Yesterday as I was going home I walked out the gate then I stopped, spun around and I looked back at it. I felt the urge to swing on the gate so I put my hand on it and swung. I was going at full speed when suddenly it jammed. Was it going to happen? Yes it was. I slammed my head in to the gate.... A few second later I woke up..I ran my hand over my head and felt a bump.

Daniel's mini recount

Well I was at the vet and my cat Oscar was getting stitches. All of this watery stuff came out of the skin. Then he nearly pounced and I had to grab hold of him just incase he escaped. I got some tablets and liquid for oscar and then the vet said take good of him. He's better now. 

Ruan's mini recount

I was driving my remote controlled car on the streets, and out of no where a car rose out of the shadows. I saw that it was going to run over my car! I ran onto the street, I knew it was a bad move but i did it and hoped that the car would stop... The car didn’t stop so I made a run for it..

Kyla's mini recount

When we were playing 'Who can make the best volcano', our team was in the lead...... then crash! A boy busted our volcano!.  It looked like a pile of sand. I was angry I said ‘‘that’s unfair! we didn’t do that to you!’’ Well at least we won.

Crystal Mountain. Michelle's mini recount.

I went to the crystal mountain with my mum, and I found little crystal. The crystal was so sparkly. 
I saw many things like sheep, ducks...there were so so many things in there. I hugged the rabbits too! The rabbits were so pretty. The last thing, I gave some food for the horse.
I think crystal mountain is so fun!

Oh No! Patrick's mini recount

OH NO! I forgot my hat!
We are having P.E today.
I’m a going to sitting in the shade
all day, its going to be boring.
I check my bag to see if my hat is there,
I take a peek....I found it!

Tori's mini recount

Morning Tea. "lame! I have to eat peanut butter sandwiches again!”
I sat down opened my lunchbox and almost jumped up!
I had a mayonnaise, lettuce, cheese and salami bun. I was so excited I shoved it all in my mouth.
Before I knew it my bun was gone now all I had left was apple and cashew nuts I can’t imagine what lunch will be like...BORING!
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