R.A.D.I.C.A.L.S news 24.06.10

Maia doing Patrick's news- Yesterday Patrick was on the computer and he went on a oragami site.

Joey doing Emily's news- Yesterday Coutrny Enversone got hit by a car and it dragged her acros the road.Then stopped the aumbulance came and 2 people tried to wake her up she woke up in the hospital but then they put her to sleep again because she was scared about what happened.She went to the hospital broke her collar bone and ribs but nothing happen to her head.

Tori doing Louise's news- This morning Louise finished drawing her orc. It looks pretty cool, she spent two days drawing it. She looked Orc's up on google and then drew it from the picture she saw. She didn't trace it.

Emily doing Lily's News- On Thursday We got bored and we found a frisbe and we went outside and the frisbe went frisbe car splat then Maia, Lily, and Fran ran inside and started laughing hard out!

Radical's News 23.6.10

Tori doing Aaron's news- Yesterday Aaron made a little sword out of BBQ sticks. It looks pretty cool and very clever. Aaron is very creative and now he can add his sword to his collection of things he made.

Maia doing Josiash's news- Josiah's parents own a sports shop. They have lots of differnent sports gear.

Joey doing Karls news- Its 5 days until Karl's birthday and hes going to get lots of soocer gear. he also might be going on a trip to AUS. hes not having a party with his freinds but he is allowed to have his family over for a party-ih thing. Since Karl has alot of goosebump books hes not allowed to get anymore.

Coltons doing Coltons news-On Monday last w$eek my dad thought that his truck body was geting old so he went to four shops to see if they had good condition truck decks so at the last place he found a good deck with a tail lift on the back and it was a bit rusty so his going to paint it.

Radical's news

Written On The 14th June 2010
R.A.D.I.C.A.L's News

Tori doing Fran's news- On the 22nd of June it's Fran's birthday. Her two grandma's will miss her birthday. One's going to Chile and will miss both Fran and her sister Sophie's party aswell.

aia doing Shan's news - At morning tea, Shan went to the library and there is lots of cool books to buy.

Colton doing Joeys news: On saterday all of the jung peple went to a baby party and joey did not go so him and his dad got reveng and stole hats from his sisters and put cake in them and his dad stared eating the and he fineshed it befor he got home. yum

Colton doing Jonah news- Jonah made a game with a shoe box. He made tim-pin-bowing and other games.

Lily Doing Raven's News On The 14th June 2010
Raven got his hair cut in the weekend and he found out how to make a battery for his car that we have to make the battery actully works and it makes a small light turn on

Radical's News

Coltons doing Daniel's news: About 2 weeks ago daniel was waching his cat have fight with a Another cat over teratory and 1 of the cat jumped on daniels cat and you could see a mark along his eye thanks for lisning.

Lily Doing Mr Hall's News-Mr Hall Has changed how he writes

A t the start of a course at university he had exams and esingment he had another exam after the one where he had studied for teh wrong thing he got Got his exam marks And he got an.....A WOW we can't read his Handwriting and he finally got an A he has made an improvement - lily

Tori doing Louise's news- Last night Louise and Kyla's sister pulled out socks. They are pretty long socks. They are blue with black stripes. Louise says she doesn't really use them for anything good, but she said she can hit people but she won't because the socks look like they'd hurt if you got hit with them.

joey doing emryks news- On monday Emryks went to Austraila to see his auntie because she had a new baby

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