Radical's News 23.6.10

Tori doing Aaron's news- Yesterday Aaron made a little sword out of BBQ sticks. It looks pretty cool and very clever. Aaron is very creative and now he can add his sword to his collection of things he made.

Maia doing Josiash's news- Josiah's parents own a sports shop. They have lots of differnent sports gear.

Joey doing Karls news- Its 5 days until Karl's birthday and hes going to get lots of soocer gear. he also might be going on a trip to AUS. hes not having a party with his freinds but he is allowed to have his family over for a party-ih thing. Since Karl has alot of goosebump books hes not allowed to get anymore.

Coltons doing Coltons news-On Monday last w$eek my dad thought that his truck body was geting old so he went to four shops to see if they had good condition truck decks so at the last place he found a good deck with a tail lift on the back and it was a bit rusty so his going to paint it.


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