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Written On The 14th June 2010
R.A.D.I.C.A.L's News

Tori doing Fran's news- On the 22nd of June it's Fran's birthday. Her two grandma's will miss her birthday. One's going to Chile and will miss both Fran and her sister Sophie's party aswell.

aia doing Shan's news - At morning tea, Shan went to the library and there is lots of cool books to buy.

Colton doing Joeys news: On saterday all of the jung peple went to a baby party and joey did not go so him and his dad got reveng and stole hats from his sisters and put cake in them and his dad stared eating the and he fineshed it befor he got home. yum

Colton doing Jonah news- Jonah made a game with a shoe box. He made tim-pin-bowing and other games.

Lily Doing Raven's News On The 14th June 2010
Raven got his hair cut in the weekend and he found out how to make a battery for his car that we have to make the battery actully works and it makes a small light turn on


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