Radical's News

Coltons doing Daniel's news: About 2 weeks ago daniel was waching his cat have fight with a Another cat over teratory and 1 of the cat jumped on daniels cat and you could see a mark along his eye thanks for lisning.

Lily Doing Mr Hall's News-Mr Hall Has changed how he writes

A t the start of a course at university he had exams and esingment he had another exam after the one where he had studied for teh wrong thing he got Got his exam marks And he got an.....A WOW we can't read his Handwriting and he finally got an A he has made an improvement - lily

Tori doing Louise's news- Last night Louise and Kyla's sister pulled out socks. They are pretty long socks. They are blue with black stripes. Louise says she doesn't really use them for anything good, but she said she can hit people but she won't because the socks look like they'd hurt if you got hit with them.

joey doing emryks news- On monday Emryks went to Austraila to see his auntie because she had a new baby


Room8 said...

wow you guys they staff is cool. jaden from room8 at freeville school.

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