R.A.D.I.C.A.L.S news 24.06.10

Maia doing Patrick's news- Yesterday Patrick was on the computer and he went on a oragami site.

Joey doing Emily's news- Yesterday Coutrny Enversone got hit by a car and it dragged her acros the road.Then stopped the aumbulance came and 2 people tried to wake her up she woke up in the hospital but then they put her to sleep again because she was scared about what happened.She went to the hospital broke her collar bone and ribs but nothing happen to her head.

Tori doing Louise's news- This morning Louise finished drawing her orc. It looks pretty cool, she spent two days drawing it. She looked Orc's up on google and then drew it from the picture she saw. She didn't trace it.

Emily doing Lily's News- On Thursday We got bored and we found a frisbe and we went outside and the frisbe went frisbe car splat then Maia, Lily, and Fran ran inside and started laughing hard out!


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