Lily and Tori's Mr. Hall Made of Beans

Yesterday we made a picture of Mr. Hall out of our maths counting beans. It took us fifteen minutes before school to make this masterpiece. We had to use instant alpha on pages to remove the spotty carpet from the image. It took us ages to rotate the picture as well!
By Lily and Tori


Tracey Engle said...

Hey Torz and Lil-meister

If you'd kept the spotty carpet then Mr Beany Hall would have had ACNE!!
I'm glad to see my two favourite nutcases having so much fun at school.

samantha said...

sup room 9ers
i love mr bean (see what i did there i put mr from mr hall and bean seince it was made out of beans)


Sarah said...

Wow Lil and Torz

You should have done you guys as well as Mr. Hall the bean edition!!


Michael said...

That was cool i wonder whats the beans on the bottom are, Are they grass? I bet I could never do something like that. nice

Leija said...

wow that looks so cool i really like green and i really like stick people hahahahaha

Supalinee said...

Wow that looks awesome are those beans on the bottom are the grass.

Leija said...

hahahahahahaha supalinee you dont know english

Nicholas said...

Now thats what I call ART! Well done creating Mr Hall.

Nicholas Room 17

Fran said...

Wow what a piece of art , but I never knew Mr Hall didn't wear pants. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FROM FRANNY .

Maia said...

Hi Lily and Tori.

I like your thingy of Mr Hall made of beans. I also like Sammy comment for Mr bean, that is very funny!

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