Aarons News: On tuesday Aaron was bored so he decided to make a challenge for the class you can win four choclates. The challenge is figure out what one+one ,two+two,three+three and all the way up to five plus five.What you have to do is change the the letters into numbers and then double it.If you complete the challenge first you win the choclate.Aaron says "it is not Easy to figure it out".

Karl's news: Yestrerday Karl played a game with his brother they ran around the and smacked into a door and started crying.

Josiahs news: Josiah was watching the warriors play rugby league last night on 7:30 . The first half was very interesting he cryed when they scored a try. Melbourne storm did a huge tackle on the warriors, so Melbourne Storm got a penalty.I think it would be cool to watch the tackle in slow motion.The final score was 13-6 to the warriors.

Coltons News: On wednesday last week at 12 o'clock colton went go karting! Colton saw one guy hit the tyrs and went on it and hit a fence. He came 4th in the race. How cool will that have been?

Noors news: In the holidays her freind came up to her and gave her a kouren one thousand dollar note! And if she goes to kourea she will spend it. The one thousand dollar note is blue,Noor thinks it was sad and I agree I mean to give away a one thousand dollar note.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like hard stuff

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