Fran's mini recount

First day of road patrol. Wow i’m doing great. "Signs out wait please!”
Signs in oh oh oh. My sign tipped over! I fell on the ground. "Stupid sign.. this is so embarrassing.”
“Ahhhhh” A car's coming! Is this the end? NO! I lifted up the sign “man this is heavy” I got up and shifted it into the slot.
Suddenly the death machine stopped. 
Finally .. "Signs in."


josiah said...

how did you feel when you dropped it

Ruan said...

Did the man or woman see you?

shan said...

Great story very intersting

louise said...

that sounded like I was there! what a fabulous recount!!!!!

torz said...

Awesome Fran and don't feel bad that happened to me too! First day must be the day the sign comes out when it's not supposed to. :)

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