Conan's mini recount

My friend Liam and I got down from our treehouse then bam! A nail went through Liam's foot. I thought it was hilarious. Liam said “dammit” but then the next step Liam took another nail went through the same hole in his foot. I thought it was histerical. Liam was so angry he picked up the hammer and the nail and bashed the nail into a tree.


The G's said...


How do you think he felt when the nail went throgh his foot.

P.S Great story it has alot of felling.

mathew levi and joey said...

how did you stop laughing? did you stop?

conan said...

no i did not i almost died from laughter

Keighley said...

I mreally Like your blog Summerland school! Keep it up!!!.From Keighley (A girl in room 8)

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