Shan's mini recount

It was a hot sunny day when I heard that we were going to have a spider. Just as I heard the word spider I burst into happiness. I was just about to get the big glass until my cousin got it. I felt angry because she always gets what she wants. On the other hand I didn’t mind.
When I had my last spoon full, I fell into sadness.


The G's said...

Great story Shan. But I was wondering how hot was it that day.


shan said...


Torz said...

Hey Shan nice story I bet you deserved it on that hot day

kanishk said...

So cool shan loved it awesome

Megan said...

WOW cool recount I was wondering were did you get your spider from?

Leija said...

WOW! cool recount but I did not understand why you bursted into happiness because of a spider??? Anyway I understood most of it and great work. Hope you can check out my blog thanks!

Curious Leija

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