Paul Henry Resigns By Tori

Did you hear about Paul Henry....well if you didn’t you obviously live under a rock. Paul Henry was forced to resign after he made two racial comments. The first was about a mispronunciation of a Delhi Chief Minister who’s name was Shelia Dikshit which is pronounced “Dixit”. The next comment was about Sir Anand Satyanand not being a New Zealander. The comment that was made was “Next time can we have a Governor-General who looks and sounds more like a New Zealand”? Anand Satyanand was born in New Zealand and besides having Indian relatives/blood he is a kiwi. Personally in my opinion he should just be left alone and he should be able to continue his job, I mean he just says the things we all think but don’t have the guts to say. When he apologized I think it sounded like he was reading something he had previously written that made him sound sorry but he didn’t really mean his apology. I have no problem with Paul Henry staying on Breakfast, then again I don’t watch it but I know so many people like him and really I don’t see the point in wat having him not on TV will do so WHATEVER! I know many of you will have different opinions about this so leave a comment about what you think.


Anonymous said...

Nice peace of writing Tori looking foward to your next blog post. see ya on monday

shan said...

I'm fine with him continueing on Tv with his job. But I wasn't happy with the way he commented on other people's name or how they look it just how they are if I was those two people he commented on it would really hurt my feelings and he said it on tv which is worse. Ya! that's my comment.

Alex and Georgia said...

We are fine with him staying on Breakfast as much as other people are, but it was not ok for Paul Henry to keep on laughing every time he pronounced Shelia Dikshit. We were all very surprised when he resigned. What is Breakfast going to be like without Paul Henry. Yes, we realize that if he did stay on Breakfast he would have stayed nervous and he wouldn't like what everyone was saying, but we just wish that he could of gotten over it just like you or me.

Tori said...

Thanks guys! I agree with Alex and Georgia because if he hadn't resigned everyone would be mad and no one would shut up about it!

Lilmeister said...

Tori I totally agree with you but I am really glad he resigned peace out brada
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