Emily's Book Review:The Half Men of O

Emily's Book Review

The Half Men of O

The half men of O is a great book about Susan and Nick going on an adventure though O. Susan's birth mark could save O or could it, and what is a blood cat, what are bird folk and who is odo cling?

It's a tale of how someone like shy Susan overcomes her fears and is stronger than anyone else, but she is just a mixie. Can she save O? Yes, no, MABYE the main thing is if she can it's NOT without the help of all her new friends and cousin Nick.

In my opinion it is one of the best book I have read mainly because it is full fantasies and bad guys so if you like badess and fantasies mooched together you need to read it NOW! ! !

By : Emily


Tori said...

Good Job Em! Good book review I also loved how you said mooched together!


Fran said...

Totally agree with U Em, & I Loved This Book. From Franny

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