Room 9 Describes The Hail Storm

Hail storm

Looks like: Frozen white meteors, raining beads, people are having party in the sky and ice is falling down, the sky is breaking apart, mini versions of ice, Someone is shooting at you from the sky (Mua), someone is throwing crushed ice on you (Patrick), heave raining golf balls (Josiah), crazy people running (Patrick), Tiger Woods just missed his hole (Josiah), Tiger Woods throwing golf balls from the sky (Patrick), someone turned on the fire hydrant and the water went so high it turned into ice (Colton), tiny clean comets (Callum), a zip, students all running and merging at the same place to get outside (Tori), lots of water trying to get out through a small hole (Callum), war with people dodging bullets (Fran), an angry mob (Joey), soaked children, wet, everybody got splashed with water (Louise), mini white ufo coming to Earth (Patrick), the clouds are trying to make a milkshake that went wrong (Aaron), dodge balls of ice when the little bits of ice are squashed together (Louise)

Feels like: an injection, cold, a bee sting, like pebbles are falling from the sky, you are having a shower, hard cold rain drops (Fran), a waterfall falling on you (Emily), a pinch (Louise), soft paintballs (Nathan), rock candy when you bite into it (Fran)

Tastes like: Ice, disgusting (Patrick), an easy gumball to chew (Ruan)

Sounds like: someone is dropping marbles on the floor (Callum), A shower (Daniel), people clapping (David), glass shattering (Emily), Stampede (Ruan), jumping off something into water (Colton), fast tapping on a drum (Fran), children screaming (Joey), Let it hail! (Callum), people running outside (Karl), hundreds of footsteps (Emily), smashing things (Daniel), screams of excitement (Louise), an earthquake (Mua), people shaking maroccas (Emily), The crowd going wild when a try is scored (Josiah), short words of excitement (Callum)


Anonymous said...

cool comments for the hail storm your all so creative

Michael said...

This is so cool, you guys always come up with ideas that no one ever would think of.

You guys also have a good way to describe things too that was awesome.

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