David's Half Men Of O Review

Imagine there's a hidden world in your backyard. Now imagine someone in that world wants you dead.Now imagine a pirate took you to that world.This has become a reality for Susan Ferris and Nick Quin.The Half-Men Of O is Narnia meets Alice In Wonderland.The book is Good for boys and girls 10+(long words).Even though I do think the book could do with less drama and more action (I'm a boy) it still made me want to turn the page. The author gave me a clear picture of what was happening in every sentence but I did have to use my imagination for some of the characters eg. Jimmy Jaspers. Overall I give the Half-Men Of O a 4.5/5.


Raven said...

cool review David really makes me want to read it
p.s I already read it

Raven said...
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