Home Grown

Home Grown

This term, room nine are learning about Home Grown. We have done lots of diffferent types of activtives for this topic. We did theses activtives with our whole pod.We some different activtives on the first day of term three. We did things like colouring and dying New Zealand icons, we also made chocolate crackes, lerent to play Rakau sticks and last of all we played relays and did three legged races.

In art time we had to choose a New Zealand icon the best represents us and what we do.

These are the steps that we did to make our great arkwork.

- First we had to pick an icon.

- Then we needed to draw the picture that we choose in to our art books. We had to make sure that it was big enough to fit a fat crayon into all the gasps.

- After that we lightly sketched the copy on a white A4 piece of paper.

- We went over the pencil with chalk making sure that they we not thin lines.

- When we had done that we coloured the picture with crayon and we couldn't have any white becuase it would turn BLACK!

- After we had coloured it in we needed to dye. (not literally.) (Just the painting.)

- Now there up on our wall. YAY!

Written Bye Maia


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