Room 9's Bake Sale

On Wednesday the 25th of August me and my friends had a bake sale outside Room 9. Fran, Lily, Emily, Maia and I organized, planned and held the bake sale. There were Cookies, Mallow Pops, Chocolate Crackle, Doughnuts, Peppermint Slice,Chocolate Crunch, Colourful Crackle, Brownie, Jam Biscuits and Afghans. We sold out in 15 minutes and earned over $200. The money that we raised with be going to the Red Cross to help the flood in Pakistan. We loved every second of it and we were glad we could help such a good cause. If you are thinking of doing a Bake Sale we highly recommend it because it's so much fun, you make lots of money and so many people enjoy the food. So give it a go! By Tori


Aunty Deb said...

Well done girls - great planning and you certainly know your market. And its an excellent result! x

Tori said...

Yay Thanks Deb I love you and all us Engle fellas miss yooz! Love you lots,
Tori xxx

Aunty Deb said...

Great review Tori - you may want to be a writer some day! We miss you and can send you some info on starting a Lemonade Stand, x

Room8 said...

Cool! Im Caelin from freeville school. You are so cool man!- Caelin :)

Room8 said...


Hope thay liked the Money you rased for them??

from Keighley at freeville school.

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