Tori's Narrative

1: Jack walked to the back of the bus and slumped down in his seat. “25...26...27..Perfect” His teacher counted the amount of kids on the bus, she was a worry wart. The bus started and everyone jolted forward. Jack was excited, his class was going to a science lab. Jack loved science, he loved the thought of blowing off his eyebrows or discovering some form of bacteria nobody knew about. He had been waiting for this trip forever! He was so excited he couldn’t get to sleep for weeks! The ride took forever and Jack was only entertained by one thing...Emma Morrison. She was the prettiest girl in their class, her blonde hair, blue eyes, soft skin and gorgeous personality were few of the many great things about her. Just looking at her made Jack go wobbly. No one knew Jack liked her because he had no friends. Jack had day dreams about Emma and always tried to impress her or get her attention by back chatting to the teacher or making funny comments about other people. He liked how she always flipped her hair when she walked. The only thing was she didn’t like him back.

2: “Hello Students, my name is Mr. Martin, I will be your guide today”. Jack was so excited this was his dream place. “Thank whoever invented science” he said to himself. Emma was so bored all this smarty pants knowledgy stuff made her disgusted. Jack was lost in his deep thoughts of becoming a famous scientist. But before he knew it he was more than lost in thought...he was lost in the science lab. Jack looked around the room, he wasn’t alone he saw Emma. But only Emma. “Hey Emma” Jack asked “Where’s our class?” “I don’t know where the are.” Emma replied. “Should we go look for them?” she continued. “I guess we could” said Jack...”Shall we hold hands?” he asked hopefully. Emma just flipped her hair and walked off.

3: Emma and Jack walked for about two minutes. “My legs hurt” moaned Emma. “We’ve been walking forever!” Jack rolled his eyes. “So Emma....” Jack started to say “Where are you going?” asked a deep voice. “After this place the mall” said Emma. “You’re coming with me” said the voice. The man was a security guard, a big muscly guy with a pink badge in the shape of a poodle. He grabbed hold of Emma and Jack and led them towards a jail cell looking room. Jack walked in and sat down quietly while Emma struggled to hold on to the bars while the guard pulled her into the cell.

4. Time went by...Emma called for help numerous times while Jack tried to dig his way out with a yoghurt spoon. Meanwhile Jack’s class was having a blast! Everyone was playing with gloopy green liquids and studying chemical reactions. “Jack this is all your fault” Emma yelled. “Wha... MY fault?” Jack asked. “Yes... if you weren’t so cute I wouldn’t of been distracted!” Emma put her hands over her mouth like she shouldn’t of said that. Jack smiled to himself. “What did you say?” he asked. “Uh....I said if you didn’t smell like puke I wouldn’t have been distracted....yeah that’s what I said” Emma replied.

5: Emma just looked away...embarrassed. Jack was so happy...Emma thought he was cute! Jack felt so happy it was unexplainable! The happiness continued when Jack saw a way out of the cell. There was a vent shaft in the roof and a foot stool which Emma was using to paint her toenails. “Hey Emma...I think there’s a way out of here” he said. Emma looked surprised. “You climb on my shoulders then you climb up through the vent and pull me up.” “Ok” Emma said. When Jack and Emma got into the vent they crawled through for about five minutes before they were just above their class. Jack tried to turn around to tell Emma but his foot got stuck in between two bars in the ground.

6: “Aaaaaaah!” said Jack as his foot fell. Emma rushed over...”Jack are you ok?” Emma asked. “I...I think so” Emma looked scared. “Grab my hand Jack” she said holding out her arm as far as she could stretch it. Jack held her felt like heaven. Emma pulled her arm back but Jack didn’t budge. She tried again....nothing. “Jack I just want you to know that if you die here I always had a crush on you...ever since kindergarten” she told him. “Me too....I mean you though” he said. Emma finally pulled him out of the bars. Emma hugged him...Jack was frozen, was this really happening? Emma and Jack climbed out of the vent and joined their class in a line hopping onto the bus. Emma sat next to Jack on the bus. “Emma” Jack asked.. “Will you be my friend?” “Of course I will” Emma replied.


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