One or two year’s ago there was a gray stray cat in the garden and we named it kitty-cat then it ran away and came back on and off for two weeks then we wondered why it was getting so fat then my parent’s realised it was pregnant so they shooed it away and it didn’t come back!

By Emily

Five minuties ago Partick poked David in the eye. Jonah thought it was his falt becasue he picked Patrick for a question.

Bye Maia

Fran has had lego for about two years now. She made a house with little things inside.Outside it had... A basketball backboard, trees, bushes, furniture. It took Fran about three hours over two weeks.

Tori’s News-Yesterday Tori made vanilla perfume and I asked Tori if I could put some on and she said yes so I stuck my finger in it and it spilled all aver the floor then tori put it on me and it turned all sticky. By Fran

Emily and Maia- On Saturday Emily and Maia’s Netball team played in the finals at Te Pai Courts. They were versing a really hard team and their team lost by 10 points. The Centre was really good because she kept intercepting the ball. Emily and Maia went to prize giving straight after and they got medals even thought the didn’t win, they still came second from the best grade which is A. Good job thanks for making Summerland proud. By Tori

Jonah's news- On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Jonah did an awesome picture it stands out a lot because it has a black back ground and hot colours. He did it for homework. By Fran


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