Fran's Halfmen of O book review

My reading group Thwack read The Halfmen of O and this is my review on it


Anonymous said...

The Half-Men Of O Book Review.

The half-men of O is a book about a girl with a strange birthmark that gets transported to the world of O with her cousion, Nick.

The girl's, Susan's, birthmark is the mark of Freeman Wells, the man who keeps all of O balanced.

But, the half-men from darkland want to rule all of O. So Susan, Nick and their woodlander friends to find the halves and put them in the great motherstone kept in darklands maxiumim security prison, which is the only way to save O.

Will Susan make it? What problems will she face? How will she dispose of the terible leader of darkland, Otis Claw, also known as the pain- giver. The odds are against Susan. but there may be a chance... read the book to find out!

By Joey

Anonymous said...

Hi Fran its Emmy here You need to make thereviews words bigger

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