Raven's mini recount

Me my brother and my neighbor where cutting down bamboo for our hut.
then I heard it. What is that? The cracking of bamboo. Did he just "ahhhhhhh."
I looked up and saw the bamboo coming at me. My heart slowed as I dived
out the way. Am I ok.


The G's said...

I really like your story I was wondering how did you feel at that moment.


David said...

Wow awesome recount you can picture it in slow motion

conan said...

wow must of been so fun but scary

colton said...

nice one raven

shan said...

WOW! great story Ravan

Cameron D said...

Wow! awesome story!!! It left me wondering "what was coming through the bamboo?"

Josh V said...

Great Recount Raven.

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